Our Latest Work

Sheridan Fire

        Our latest fire restoration was a grease fire in a large work shop filled with several generations of passed down tools, thousands and thousands of bolts, ranching equipment and machinery, camping gear, fishing gear... you name it. Soot not only covered the outside of the contents but also was found inside storage containers, drawers, and cabinets which contaminated pretty much every single thing that was inside the shop. 

       Our process of restoring the shop included cleaning and deodorizing the contaminated contents, moving them out of the shop and keeping them organized, chem-sponging, and sealing and painting every inch of the walls and ceiling of the shop. The next step was to move the cleaned contents back into the shop to where they belong. After that, our crew added an additional work bench and cabinets, replaced the metal wall surrounding the wood stove, applied high-temp paint to the stove, and sealed the entire floor.

         After all was said and done, our customer now has a new and improved shop that is organized, functional and completely restored with no odor. Lane clean promises our customers start to finish quality work during stressful times like these.